Water and beach activities are a major part of any visit to Rocky Point so it makes sense that a full service luxury beachfront condominium resort like the Sonoran Sea should have a full service quality Activity Center and Dive Shop which is open to the public and owned and operated by Daniel Guemes Castorena and his wife, Ericka Reyna Castro, both PADI certified divers and much more.

Daniel is a PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) Staff Instructor which means he is qualified to teach the teachers all the way to the Master Diver level. Erika herself is a PADI certified Assistant Instructor and Open Water Scuba Instructor. In other words, if you’re looking for PADI certification at any level, you cannot do better than the Dive Shop at Sonoran Sea Resort.


Choose a single or go as a couple in a double seater and take in a sunset or sunrise from off shore. It’s beautiful, romantic, and spiritual, all in one. You can rent them right in the lobby of the Sonoran Sea Resort from Ericka Reyna in the Dive Shop and they will be delivered to you on the beach. Single kayaks are U.S. $15 per hour. Doubles are $20 per hour. Half day rentals are the best deal at $25 for a single and $35 for a double kayak. You can also rent them for 24 hours for just $35 and $45 respectively for single or double kayaks.

Going Down?

While at Ericka’s Dive Shop in the Sonoran Sea lobby, check on snorkel and scuba lessons and tours. She is PADI qualified and can set you up for either. If you are PADI qualified you can rent everything you need to go down into the Sea that Jacques Cousteau himself called “The Aquarium of the World”.

If you’re like most, snorkeling might be more your cup of sea. There’s plenty to keep you amazed as you float on the surface peering down through the calm, clear water at any number of fish and plant life. Above the surface, gaze at the variety of shore birds flying by so close you’ll think they know you, with the occasional pelican floating by within an arm’s length. You’ll have the confidence of knowing that Ericka or Daniel are right beside you pointing out and explaining the more interesting sights. They will take you to their favorite spots aboard their really cool sailboat, Xiutla, and you’ll get to know Captain Israel Camacho Ruelas who has navigated the Sea of Cortez for 20 years with 10 of those as a captain. Snorkeling tours include water, snacks, snorkeling gear, guide and boat ride for $50 USD locally (3 hours).

You can also take the Xiutla for diving and snorkeling tours all the way to Bird Island, an exciting all day tour where you can get up close and personal with, among many other marine species, very friendly sea lions, blue and brown footed boobies by the thousands, and the occasional whale shark, on which the experienced divers will want to hitch a thrill ride. You’ll also like the fact that the minimum for this all day affair is only four people and includes two meals, snacks, soda, water, coffee and tea. (If you like spicy snacks, get Israel to whip you up some of his chili peanuts!) For certified divers the cost is only $120 each; for snorkelers it’s just $100, and for the Discovery level scuba beginners, it is $160 and counts toward your PADI certification.

As the official Activity Center for all the Sonoran Resorts as well as being open to the public, Daniel and Ericka offer just about everything you would want to play on the beach and in the sea. And you can rent what you want by the hour, the half day or the whole day at very reasonable prices. For beach and resort activities they have tennis racquets/balls, volleyballs, beach towels, noodles and more for $5.00 USD. You can rent life jackets, masks and snorkel equipment, fins, boogie and skim boards for $10.00 and $15.00 USD for the whole day!

You can even book a jet ski, a sailboat ride, a bucking banana boat ride, a sunset cruise, a fishing trip, go horseback riding, parasailing and ultra-light flying, all with the most reputable operators and for the same price you’ll pay booking them direct — without having to drive around looking to find out their schedules.

If you are staying at the Sonoran Sea while visiting, you can call the Dive Shop and Activity Center by simply dialing 2100. If you’re anywhere else, call the shop at 638-382-8251 Ext. 2100. Normal business hours are from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM. You can also send an email to danielguemes@yahoo.com and visit their facebook page at www.facebook.com/sonoranscuba.

This article is brought to you by the Sonoran Resorts Sales Team, www.sonoranresorts.mx, Jim Ringquist, Director of Sales and Marketing.