We are halfway through 2023 and the average sale price for real estate compared to the same time last year shows most neighborhoods falling in price while the prices for Sandy Beach and the El Mirador neighborhoods are on the rise.

According to market analysis conducted using the Multiple Listing Service or MLS, Sandy Beach rose in price by 32% when you compare it to the same time last year but a more notable feat in my opinion was that the El Mirador neighborhood, home to Manny’s Beach Club and Al Capones Restaurant, saw a modest 21% increase in pricing over the same time last year making it the most desirable In-Town neighborhood in Puerto Peñasco and proving its continued popularity among buyers.

I am fond of the El Mirador neighborhood mostly because I have contributed to its development over the years helping it to remain the most popular Ex-Pat community for those who would like to live in Puerto Peñasco full-time but can’t afford to be on the beach.

Development is rampant in El Mirador and if you are in the market you can hop in your vehicle and drive street by street and see the many new homes being built by developers who are transforming the neighborhood at a faster rate now than in the last two years.

El Mirador is a great place to consider if you are looking to buy your first home in Rocky Point. With its walking proximity to the beach, great restaurants and pockets of nightlife, the best part is you can still buy a home from the $200s making it a bargain when you compare prices on the beach. Also, they rent well so if you are looking for a part time vacation home and want it to earn money you cannot go wrong with a home in the Mirador especially if it has a pool!

I think a great deal currently available is a brand-new, 2-bedroom, 2-bath home with a swimming pool and garage for only $199,000. Located on Nuevo Leon and Quintana Roo, this home is only 6 blocks from the beach, three blocks from Al Capones restaurant with all new appliances including dishwasher, washer and dryer.

With its 21% gains in prices this year, purchasing a home in El Mirador shows that you are making a solid investment which will give you returns on equity. There are deals to be found so I encourage anybody looking to make a first-time purchase on a smaller budget to consider El Mirador. Please contact any AMPI-Certified Real Estate Agent today who would agree and be happy to show you properties.

About the author: Joseph Sanchez is a real estate agent with RE/MAX Legacy and president of Rocky Point Home Builders a developer specializing in custom home design, construction and engineered renovations He resides here in Puerto Peñasco with his wife and three children and is originally from Chicago. For more information visit www.rockypointrealestate911.com on the internet.