This has been an extremely busy time for our Peñasco Rotary Club!!! After the return of many of our members from the District Conference in La Paz, B.C., we went to work to finalize the education portion of our Global Grant, which allowed us to open the water purification plant on Luis Encinas. On May 20th, 26th, and 29th, Rotarians visited all of the public schools in our town to complete the education component to this project.

A little history on this grant…Our Global Grant was approved in conjunction with the St. George, Utah Rotary for $30,000 Dlls. The city of Puerto Peñasco furnished the building and after the building was equipped with the water purification equipment, through fundraising activities we purchased a water truck. We then formed a partnership with Oomapas to deliver drinking water to all the public schools in town. Our final activity to satisfy the intent of this grant was the education initiation – that’s now complete.

Now, how can you help us sustain this initiation? On the outside of the purification plant, we have installed a vending machine for the purchase of water. The cost is 10 pesos for 5 gallons, no change. Friends, please help us by purchasing your water at the plant on Luis Encinas. We want to continue to be able to deliver fresh drinking water to all the school’s children in Puerto Peñasco and with your help we can sustain this!

On another note, we are still aware and involved with the Rickettsia disease that plagues our community. Recently our Rotary friends in Utah purchased two fumigation backpacks, one for the hospital and one for the Health Department. These backpacks are filled with non-toxic spray and allows for a rapid process to spray infected areas on the animals that carry this tick. There are many efforts in play to reduce the cases of Rickettsia, but this will be an ongoing project.

Please note our weekly meetings at 9am have been moved to Las Olas Restaurant on Benito Juarez, next to Lluvia del Mar Hotel. Come and join us!!!