So many reasons to own a home in Rocky Point, Mexico where the sky is blue and the beaches are pristine. Sunsets are spectacular. In Rocky Point only the seagulls and pelicans are the captains of the skies as the dolphins, sea lions and whales are the captains of the Sea of Cortez. Be the captain of your dream beach home!

In our last few months of articles we established that you can own real estate safely and securely in Mexico as a foreigner. You can secure your property with a Bank Trust at a local Mexican bank, where you as the legal owner of the property can convey your property to your loved ones. Now let us look at the financial reason to buy a lot and build a home in Rocky Point, Mexico.

● Land costs can be lower than other areas with beaches

● Beach front lots are affordable

● Lots with ocean views, even more affordable

● Build your dream home here for less the cost of building in Phoenix, AZ

● Building and maintenance cost are cheaper

● Taxes and utilities very low

● Local qualified and skilled General Contractors

● Local skilled carpenters, inspectors, surveyors, engineers, and architects

● Attorneys to assist you with the building permit process

The many reasons to buy real estate in Rocky Point Mexico is two sided; personal and passionate love for the area, and financially it can be a good investment. Especially if you buy a lot and then build your dream home, which in turn you are building in home equity to increase your overall investment.

There are many homes in the Puerto Peñasco area that have been built for less than $80,000US and are now at a market value of $250,000US. Puerto Peñasco, Mexico has many factors that forecasters are seeing a bounce back in the real estate market in this area. The key is timing. Buy low before the market kicks off again and hold the real estate or improve your property to get it ready to be sold when the real estate market goes into an upward swing. Our town is excited about the new port being built to allow cruise ships to call Puerto Peñasco a home port of call. When the port is completed, estimated by 2019 per the last status report, those of you that buy now or within the next year will see the most ROI on your real estate investment.

So yes, Puerto Peñasco, Mexico or as many folks call it, Rocky Point, attracts visitors and new homeowners because of the value to own and to live or vacation here is affordable compared to other beach towns. Only four hours from Tucson or Phoenix, Arizona and five and half hours from Southern California, Rocky Point is poised to be the next great Internationally known destination and investment opportunity.

So what are you waiting for? Come to Rocky Point, Mexico! The time is right to invest in your dream beach home…Build it and they will come!

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