Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down to dinner with Janna and Chris Day and their awesome kids Grady, Jack, Damon and Daryl. Now I can go on and on about what a wonderful family they are (well, they did pick up the tab so I had to say that) but they truly are a fantastic family to spend a nice casual Rocky Point early evening dinner with! If you are not familiar with La Casa del Capitan, it sits on top of Whale Hill overlooking Old Port and the Malecon. As usual, right from the start of entering the restaurant, we were greeted with warm smiles by the Capitan staff and the scrumptious smells bellowing from the kitchen inside.  We were blessed again to have Lety serve us. Lety has been a long time waitress at Capitan and has the warmest, biggest smile. You know you truly “came home” for dinner when she greets you and mingles with you during dinner.

One of the biggest reasons to go to Capitan is the VIEWS! You can see nearly all of Rocky Point from there. You can see all of Old Port, straight down Sandy Beach and all the condos, the city life to the right side and of course miles and miles of ocean blues. We were given another amazing Rocky Point sunset which sets behind the mountains in Baja California, 60 miles across our Sea of Cortez. The array of colors that explodes each night is an artist’s dream.

But, the real reason we go to restaurants (other than my favorite thing…SOCIALIZING!) is the food. For an appetizer, I ordered the shrimp cocktail served Mexican style in amazing juices. It was delicioso! We all shared (ok I probably hijacked it) the guacamole and chips which was OUTSTANDING!  For dinner, I had the beef tacos which were also very good. Of course rounding off every good meal in Mexico, is a King Kong margarita served in “fish bowls” as Chris called them.  YUM YUM YUM to all of it.

We shared many laughs throughout the evening and were truly entertained by the cool and talented mariachi band playing throughout the night. The evening was a sure 10 and, if you are as lucky as me to find yourself sitting on the balcony at Capitan sharing amazing food, beverages, staff and views accompanied with awesome friends, then you know that God truly has granted you a slice of heaven here…right in good ole Rocky Point!!!  So gather up the gang and head up to Capitan for a fun night of margaritas and señoritas!

Until next month, please remember…At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun. May God bless with you an amazing spring season and enable you to enjoy the beach therapy that are surely in your plans!  Life’s short, enjoy each moment!

See you at the beach….ADIOS AMIGOS…MARCO!