Happy May Rocky Point…I sincerely wish the best of health and safety to each and every one of you and your families! Wow, what a turn of events for all of us in Rocky Point, and throughout Mexico and the United States and really the whole world! Who knew that just a few weeks back from me writing this article that the fun at the beaches, bars and restaurants was about to come to an end? I heard so many stories of those lending a hand and helping out with food, health care, household products or whatever that their neighbor may need. There have been thousands of people’s jobs displaced or put on hold just alone here in Rocky Point. I know our borders will open up soon and I truly wish that everyone remembers to support their favorite local establishments as I am sure everyone can use it and what a great way to reboot our local economy. The quarantine time did give me time to think about many topics and things that I was missing from my life and also so many things that I am grateful for.

Friends~ The down time gave me so much time to think about the awesome friends I have in my life, so many of them whom I met and nourished right here in Rocky Point. I realized some of my friends that I had not reached out to in quite a while and so, I did, and the outcome was fabulous. So many of us are in the same boat and it’s reassuring to hear from an old friend. I ended up face timing so many of my friends just to feel a sense of communion and community and to not feel alone. I also realized how much positive energy and good vibes my friends give to me and how even in a trying time, they can still make me smile and let out a big belly laugh!

The beach~ I realized I took for granted me travelling back and forth to Scottsdale and Rocky Point and that the beach “will always be there for me”…well guess what, it was not and was not available for so many of us. I reflected on how much I missed my “me time” on long walks on the beach with my feet splashing a bit in the sea and finding unique shells and sea glass for my endless collections of each. I missed our amazing sunsets that are truly some of the finest anywhere in the world!  I missed our sea life and seeing the dolphins, whales, sea life, banana boats, shrimping boats, sunset cruises…I guess it is just true, I missed everything about the beach!

The Culture~ If you are out and about in your community, you can still socialize at a distance somewhat. But, when we are requested to be under CBL20 (Cell Block Lockdown ’20), it becomes a bit difficult to get out and about and feel the community. The Mexican culture is very centered around family and friends. Unfortunately, this has been difficult over the last several weeks that seems to be stretching on and on and on. The highlight though is I never had such a barrage of jokes being texted and emailed to me…some centered around the virus and some not. Lastly, I think we all love a fiesta and with a fiesta comes some alcohol. I was literally astonished to see people coming out of the grocery stores with a loaf of bread, some cheese, and 11 bottles of booze! Priorities…hmmm… I guess we all have them right…if you’re going to cooped up for a while, it may be best to keep yourself and your family well-watered down!

The Night Life~ I think it is well known by all, that where there’s a beach, there’s a party! And, nowhere knows how to throw a party like Rocky Point! When you think about it, there really must be more bars, watering holes, cantinas, dives, saloons, dance clubs, joints, pubs, swim up bars, taverns, speakeasies and cocktail lounges per capita here in Rocky Point than just about anywhere!  The night life is so good in town that it usually includes stops at a plethora of fun beach bars during the day as well. No matter what your type of music is…from Club tunes to Mariachi Bands to Rock to Country, it’s all here for you and I for one am really looking forward to getting out and about again and enjoying our NIGHT LIFE!
I believe we all have to count our blessings in life and be thankful that we are above ground and have another sunny day to look forward to. Let’s keep each other in our thoughts, prayers and actions so that each of us always feels warm, welcome and needed. I cannot wait to see EVERYONE back on the BEACH!!!!!!

Until next month…