Feliz Abril Rocky Point………. I hope your Spring has sprung and you are kicking it into high gear for some super fun times in town as SPRING BREAK IS UPON US!!! WOO HOO! As of this writing (sorry bosses, I am a hair late ……..oops I did it again) the Manny’s Country Bash has not occurred yet but I am looking forward to seeing the bands and revelry like past years. I am sure it will be way fun as usual.  I still see so many new homes, condo complexes and businesses springing up around town. From the new Sonoran Star to the Encantame Resorts, our city continues to expand in a big way and with it comes more restaurants, amenities, stores, and fun options to do. I hear the bowling alley in the Mirador area is right around the corner as well…….. that will be fun to add to your birthday list options! Or….maybe it is time to check out some fantastic scuba diving options with Rocky Point Scuba Dive. They have some cool destinations and my friends, the Kessler’s are super fun people to meet. You can reach Rocky Point Scuba Dive at (928) 380-8619.

And speaking of cool people to know, I wanted to introduce everyone to definitely one of the kindest and sweetest gals in Rocky Point, Gloria Nuñez aka YAYA. Gloria has the kindest soul, and her personality is magnetic. Yaya has been a dear friend of mine for over 15 years and her artistic talent is truly amazing. I thought it would be cool to sit down with Gloria for us all to get to know this remarkable young lady a little better.

Marco~ Welcome Yaya, it is always a pleasure to sit down with a friend for one of my interviews. Actually, I even end up learning even more about them and getting to know them better. I did let our readers know what an awesome person you are but let’s get right down to it…….. Where are you from and where did you grow up?

Gloria~ Well, I was born in San Luis Rio Colorado in our state of Sonora. I later moved to Rocky Point and was raised here until I left for the U.S. when I was 16 to attend high school. I went onto college for Art School in the U.S. and even taught art to children for many years while I was in America. I volunteered for the Mexican Consulate in Phoenix to teach young children art classes. The kid’s parents were either detained trying to get to the U.S., passed away getting to America or were being held by the authorities. It was very sad to see the kids without their parents, but it was rewarding watching the joy that art can bring to their lives. I also painted many murals on walls around the city of Phoenix.

Marco~ Wow, how cool is that! I often write about reaching out to people in need and the rewards we reap from doing so. Great job Yaya! I am sure the kids love you! When did you realize your artistic talent?

Gloria~ Well, it was my parents who realized first. I am the youngest of 4 older brothers and my next oldest brother is 8 years older. I had no sisters to play with so I would paint them on the walls in our house starting at 4 years old. My parents then started enrolling me in art classes when I was 5 years old.

Marco~ Did you always want to be an artist?

Gloria~ Well, as a kid I wanted to be a marine biologist because I love the ocean and all of the species. Eventually, I grew to realize that it was going to be art for me as my ticket and profession.

Marco~ Thank God you did! Your work is really one of a kind and multi-faceted. Where can someone view your artwork and purchase some?

Gloria~ Well, we are at the Mermaid’s Market twice a month and I bring many pieces of my artwork. We also have art shows at a local gallery in Old Port called GAM. We have shows that raise money for different charitable organizations around Puerto Peñasco.

Marco~ Awww, you continue to give back! Nice!!!!! How can someone reach you if they are interested in your work other than Mermaid’s Market?

Gloria~ Well they can contact me on Facebook…….Gloria Nuñez or call me at +52 638-113-4311.

Marco~ What do you like best about Rocky Point as you continue to live here?

Gloria~ We really have a sense of community here. Whether it is just my friends or all of the artists. We share everything together and work more as a unit helping each other.

Marco~ Way cool, I feel the same way…..it just seems no matter where I go in town, there are old friends saying hi and catching up or new ones to be made. Everyone is kind and well-spirited. With so many new condos and homes being built in town, are you getting a lot of interest in paintings and murals for their new homes?

Gloria~ Wow, yes! I had several jobs in Playa La Jolla, Playa Encanto, Bella Sirena, Encantame Towers, the Sonoran Sky etc. I keep busy and am always looking forward to meeting new clients and friends.

Marco~ Indeed, that’s what makes the world a better place! What are your favorite bars and restaurants to hang out at?

Gloria~ My favorite bar is definitely Pitaya Bar as I end up spending a lot of time there. For restaurants seafood is my favorite. I love El Rey which is a little restaurant behind Bancomer. Everything is so fresh and clean, and the food is fabulous!

Marco~ Ok, we have a date! I love seafood so that sounds crazy good! Lastly, before we go, is there anything else you have been up to lately to let our readers know about you?

Gloria~ Well, 2 years ago I started a project called Wings to Dream. It is an art project where I teach art classes to the kids for free. It really is so rewarding to see the difference in the children. The Mexican government donates the stencils, paper and paint for the project which is wonderful!

Marco~ Keep up the great work Yaya and keep helping out, our community needs more people like you! Thank you also for being my special friend for so many years! Much love YAYA!

Cheers to all for one hot tamale of a Spring season at the beach. L.M. Montgomery is quoted as saying….”Nothing ever seems impossible in spring, you know.” Spring is a time for refreshing, renewing and awakening. Can’t wait to see you at the beach!!!