Sometimes a man’s best friend may seem like he isn’t.

Pulling into the Walmart parking lot recently, I happened to notice a lonely Yellow Lab puppy, perched in a collapsible canvas chair in the back of a pickup truck, mournfully howling for his master.

Howlin At WalmartWith ears tucked back, eyes closed and head tilted upward, the little guy was doing his best to let everyone know he was not very happy with the situation. After all, aren’t buddies supposed to do everything together?

Well, maybe not quite everything. While he may not understand the necessity of remaining in the truck, at least he should be appreciative of the comfortable blue chair his owner entrusted to him. Besides, if he behaves himself his BFF – “Best Friend Forever,” for you unenlightened, pre-social media cave dwellers – might reward him with a tasty Milk Bone treat when he returns.

If not, at least he should be appreciative of the ride into town. Not every dog in Rocky Point has the privilege of having their own chauffeured canine carriage, complete with recliner and beverage