We rescued 3 puppies and 5 kittens from Cholla Bay this past month and the kittens are still arriving. We are waiting for 5 more from Cholla! We get lots of help from our friends in Cholla Bay and are glad to help when we can.
Because of the heat I would appreciate a call if you would like to see the pups, kittens or dogs that are available for adoption. 383-1012 or (602) 412-3932.
Please remember during the summer months the ground is very hot for the animals. Keep cement and dirt yards wet and cool, make sure the animals have lots of fresh water daily.
We have a portable A/C for the cats and kittens in the cat house thanks to Zippy the Pin Head for his donations. We are working on a solution to keep the dogs cool that are outside during the day. Fans are needed for this project – solar would be nice.
At the moment we have over a dozen kittens from white, grey, orange and tiger. Very playful and ready for new homes.
Parvo and Puppies
Parvo is a very serious disease that hits many puppies both in the USA and Mexico. Generally it hits when the temperate changes. Puppies are usually 3 months or so and have stopped nursing when they can start showing symptoms. Now is the time to start your puppy vaccines. The first shot should be given at about 7 – 8 weeks of age and then 2 additional shots every three weeks. The Veterinarians in Rocky Point are aware of these vaccines and do carry them.
Parvovirus enteritis starts abruptly with anorexia and depression. It quickly progresses to vomiting and then diarrhea, if they do not die before that point. If a puppy is vomiting hard, it will often have little diarrhea until later in the course of the disease. Any dog with depression and GI signs should be considered to have Parvo, until it is proven to be something else. Delay in treatment results in death.
In 2006, Oklahoma State diagnosed Parvovirus 2c in the United States. The 2c strain is very aggressive, leaving puppies so extremely sick that they often don’t want to raise their head, or just die quickly with few signs. As one breeder put it, the puppies have the “want to die” look that reminds you of the original Parvo. 2C Parvo is very quick incubation with exposure to clinical signs as quick as 3-4 days.
If they get Parvo, the puppy dehydrates quickly. They are very painful from cramping and because Parvo wipes out the lining of the gut, many bacteria are absorbed. White Blood Cell numbers are suppressed so they have little fight as well. The treatment is straight forward.

Fluids and lots of them.
You can donate on Paypal through our web site or Facebooki page or send check made out to AACORP to Nancy Phelan, PO Box 1031, Lukeville, AZ 85341. Consider a monthly donation of any amount = the animals need and appreciate your help.
We have a list of needed items on Amazon.com. If you click on the wish list directory and type in Nancy Phelan you will see the wish list for Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point. Our biggest need at this time if Purina Kitten dry food. Please grab a bag or two on your next trip. A big thank you to all that are helping the animals in Rocky Point.