The local veterinarians have created a group of local veterinarians in Puerto Peñasco to conduct free spay/neuter clinics for the animals. The group “Collage of Veterinarians in Puerto Peñasco” conducted their first clinic in March of 2016. It went well and was very successful. Most of the local Veterinarians participated. Paws up to them for their service. Hopefully they will be performing additional clinics. Their plan at this time is to perform at least one a month.
Our goal is to help the Mexican people to conduct clinics and help the animals of Peñasco. We do appreciate when Americans volunteer to help the locals but the clinics should be put on by the Mexicans. There is no need for American groups to come to Peñasco when they block the Mexicans from participating in the clinics. The American group that has been coming here have been paid tens of thousands of dollars to conduct clinics here in the city. Yes they do some good of course but the money is not coming into Peñasco and the Mexican Vets are being treated very poorly. The Mexican Veterinarians have been trained now for many years and do a great job at the clinics.
Since the Mexican Veterinarians are doing this for free, I shared $500 among the Vets working the clinic. I did approach the American who is paying the American group tens of thousands of dollars to come here and he refused to help the Mexicans. A big thank you to Candice Garvey of Privada who reimbursed me the $500 to cover the donation. The Mexican Veterinarians were very appreciative.
Remember that it is important for the Mexicans to take care of their animals and they are very willing and able. Without the money that is being poured into the American group it is difficult. Please if you have donations that can be used at the clinics please take them to Chochoys or bring them to Nancy at the Animal Adoption Center. It is time for we Americans to let the local Mexicans do the work that they are capable and willing to do. A big paws up to all the Veterinarians that participated…… Chochoys…Javier and his daughter who is also a vet, Marco, Eric, Vipets (the black and white bld) and the Veterinarians from the clinic across from Sams and his two sons who are also Veterinarians.
Many of you are familiar with Fawn the beautiful little dog that had been hanging around Lays for quite some time. Fawn was very skinny, got pregnant and all her puppies died. Ellen Grey (Tabs wife) first called me about Fawn/ Ellen is friends with Candace Garvey and they wanted me to help this poor dog. Ellen brought her to me over a month ago. Oh my has she blossomed. She is in the yard with many cats and seems to be very happy. Here is a picture of Fawn when I first took her in and a picture of Fawn being spayed at the clinic. Thanks to all that cared for her and know that she will be fine. I do have a gal that is interested in adopting her and will post pictures if that works out.
I am bottle feeding kittens this month and an urgent need is kitten bottles. We also need kitten milk, bleach, baby blankets, disinfectant, baby wipes, paper towels, Purina kitten dry food , dog toys and dog beds.
A big thank you to all than help the animals. Please if you are looking to adopt a new pet visit one of the rescues in Rocky Point.