HPIM0806Janet Quigley never wasted a day in her life. They say if you want something to get done, then ask a busy person to do it…or you could just ask Janet. If she said she would do something, then you could consider it done.

Often times I would caution people not to ask Janet for her opinion on something unless they were prepared for the truth. She had no other way but to be honest with you all day long. This trait would either endear you to her or cause you to avoid her. Personally, I never tired of her wonderful ability to see things clearly.

Janet had and continues to have a love affair with someone other than me, and I could not be happier about it, you see, we both loved God first and each other second. It was because of this right relationship that we were able to love each other so deeply. She was my perfect partner, my unfailing encourager, trusted confident, faithful lover, my shining example, and my truthful advisor. She loved me completely and was always truthful with me. I will miss her every day until we are reunited in heaven.

Because of her deep love of God she was able to do amazing things in her life. She was a true “Kingdom Woman” and a living characterization of “The Wife of Noble Character” as writen about in Proverbs 31.

All her life she would work hard, and she learned never to complain. She liked to say that complaining was a sin, because you were telling God that he screwed up…and we both knew that God does not screw up anything.

Janet worked hard til the day she died. She knew no other way. She never expected any favors, and many times she refused preferential treatment for any reason. Along with working until she was 55 so we could retire and live full time in Puerto Peñasco, she gave countless hours to helping others.

Even after retiring, she dedicated herself to doing God’s work here in Peñasco. She was a driving force in The Larry D. Large Foundation for five years. After this she decided to work with the poor through the Family of God church here in Rocky Point. A few of her activities included delivering supplies (baby bags as she called them) to every newborn baby at the non-social security hospital in Peñasco for almost 8 years, bringing food to a mission site in San Rafael for over 4 years, feeding transients riding the rails at the old train station every Monday night, leading or attending numerous bible studies every week; feeding people at the church for over a year. This is not a complete list of the things she did because of her love of God, but it gives you an idea.

Even with all these activities, she always had time to make me feel completely loved. She was just much more than my better half, she completed me in every way. With her sudden departure, I will need to rely on Jesus much more than I have in the past. In many ways I think she was teaching me how to do so all along. Thank you God for all the wonderful years you allowed us to be joined as one. I pray that you will carry me through these remaining years on earth until I can feel complete again, and be reunited with my dear, sweet, precious, little Janet again.


John Quigley (A.K.A. Johnny Calamari)