There is something new and exciting happening in Ajo. The monsoon has faded into the distance but there is still electricity in the air – it’s the Ajo Art Scene, which has been simmering here for some time. And like most great pieces of artwork, it has taken time to paint the canvas of change.

Not one, but two new galleries will be celebrating grand openings over the Thanksgiving weekend. Coming November 27th and 28th, the Ajo Copper News located on 10 W. Pajaro Street, will celebrate the opening of a new gallery featuring “Low Brow Art Show.” On November 28th, just around the corner past the Ajo Chamber of Commerce, Art Under the Arches gallery, located on the southeast corner of the Ajo Plaza, will open featuring international artist, Lois Griffel. The two galleries will consist of over 20 plus artists working in various mediums.

Art Under the Arches, sponsored by the Ajo Council for the Fine Arts (ACFA), will feature paintings, sculpture, jewelry, photography and mixed media. Lois Griffel will be there for a book signing and discussion of Painting the Impressionist Landscape. Her paintings have won awards throughout the United States. Last year she had the honor of becoming a Master Artist of the American Impressionist Society. This allows her to be one of only a small handful of artists that may add AISM to her signature.

Lois developed lessons on the color theory which were included in her book, Painting the Impressionist Landscape. Published by Watson-Guptill Publications in 1994, has sold over 40,000 copies, and has been translated into Chinese and other languages. It is considered an art instruction classic and is a primary source for learning Impressionist technique. She recently finished her second book, Painting Impressionist Color and has produced three teaching DVD’s. She has been featured in The Artist’s Magazine, The Boston Globe, American Art Review and the New York Times and was a cover artist twice for American Artist Magazine.

Quote from book, Painting the Impressionist Landscape

“The thrill and challenge of standing before nature with all of her variety and beauty, is a humbling reminder that I must ever be a student. Each painting can bring new answers to understanding light, revealing more of nature’s secrets. To be able to share this awe and elation in my work is my greatest pleasure.”

The Ajo Copper News Gallery will be holding its “Low Brow Art Show” November 27th and 28th.

“A typical gallery showing is a Laudy-Da event with wine and cheese,” said gallery co-owner H. J. “Hop” David. “But regular folks enjoy art too. Instead of wine and cheese, we’re having a Barbecue Friday November 27 from 4 to 9 pm. And Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm. We’re also having live music from Ajo area musicians — old time rock and roll, country western and some cumbias.”

One of the featured artists at the Copper News Low Brow Art Show will be Mike Baker, also known as Da Wolf. Above Wolf displays a multi-media sculpture based on a long horn skull.

For decades Wolf made his career painting signs and murals as well as pin striping motorcycles and hot rods.

Wolf displays some works in progress, tributes to Ed Big Daddy Roth. There will be other works by Wolf on display as well as other Ajo artists.

The Copper News is just north of Ajo’s Downtown Plaza. It’s easy to find, the front is adorned with a mural, a collaboration of Da Wolf and H.J. Hop David.

Take a break from your long drive. Stop and give your senses a treat at the Ajo Plaza on November 27th and 28th. Coming from Rocky Point, turn right just after the only stop light in town. Coming from I-8 or Phoenix, turn left into the Plaza before you reach the light. We look forward to seeing you.