Ok, so this is my list for summer vacation packing for Rocky Point…Summer in Rocky Point is HOT; think 80 to 100 degrees with what feels like100% humidity. The plus side is you don’t need to pack much clothing, just a few swimsuits, shorts, tank tops, and flip flops.

Depending on if you’re on an adult only getaway, or family trip, you’re probably driving and you’re either staying in a condo or a house so you can really pack as little, or much as you like. I’ve done both and here are my suggestions.

Adult getaway: 2 swim suits minimum, 1 tank top and 1 pair of shorts per day (you will sweat, so unless you want to do laundry…) 1-2 pairs of skivvies per day and flip-flops. For ladies a sundress and guys a Guayabera shirt for a nice night out. Definitely bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Don’t forget your cell phone charger and your international calling plan! Ladies, don’t even worry about makeup because it’s going to melt off. I like to wear a CC or BB cream as a light foundation that doubles as a sunscreen. Mascara should be waterproof for the pool, humidity and sweat (is that a theme here?) Add some lipstick and you are good to go!

Family trip: same clothing packing principles for kids as adults: tank tops, shorts and flip-flops. I would also recommend a sunscreen shirt and bucket hat for kids. For babies and toddlers definitely bring a sturdy stroller. We bought a basic jogging stroller with big wheels for the sand. The stroller doubles as an excellent bag carrier to get stuff from the car up to the room. You may have a 5-minute or so walk to the beach, so with a tired or hyper kid, it’s really nice to have. And it’s great for carting beach towels, toys, sunscreen, etc. For babies I also recommend bringing a pack’n’play. This is not only useful for sleeping, but timeouts, and containment if you need them out from underfoot for a few minutes. We’ve found we don’t need to pack toys other than what they need to keep busy in the car because you will spend most of your time outside at the pool or beach. Shells and rocks found on the beach make excellent toys. Do bring some sand toys, and some baggies to collect shells in, also a cooler for the beach for water, beer and snacks. In the condo plastic containers, pots and pans can double as toys – and yes TV and air conditioning make a lovely babysitter when you need a break from the sun.

Sometimes I like to pretend I’m the great minimalist packer in the summer and fit everything into a backpack for extreme ease of traveling. Because I make the trip so frequently I have my “go bag” pretty much packed at all times with swimsuits, hat, flip flops toiletries, condo keys and I always carry my passport and the kids birth certificates with me.

Buen Viaje!