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May 1, 2011 by Paw Prints

Spay/Neuter clinics are the number one priority and the only solution to control  over population of dogs and cats. We see a huge improvement in the amount of new babies in the city, thanks to the City of Puerto Peñasco. Monthly clinics are held in various parts of the city, and several times a year larger clinics are held where several hundred surgeries are performed.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR – MAY 28TH AND MAY 29TH will be the dates for our next free clinic to be held at the Shrimp Park at Blvd. Fremont and the main boulevard, Blvd. BenitoJuarez.  Call the city at (011-52-638) 388-5152 for more information. To date we have seven  Mexican veterinarians scheduled to volunteer their services. If you are an American or Canadian veterinarian and would like to volunteer either for one day or both please call Nancy at (011-52-638) 383-1012. We would love your participation.

Many local residents do not have transportation to get their pets to these events. Please, if you have neighbor dogs that need surgery, pick them up and bring them to the clinic.

A big thank you to our Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro, Dr. Socorro Ruiz, Mario Lopez and of course Dr. Marco Hernandez, veterinarian for the city. Dr. Hernandez can be reached at (011-521-638) 105-0122 or (011-52-638) 102-0122 for his services. The city does surgeries Monday through Thursday between the hours of 8AM and 3PM for only $200 pesos.

Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point will have an adoption booth at the event. If you are looking for a new addition to your family, please stop by our booth. If you would like to volunteer to help at the clinic or adoption booth please call Nancy at (011-52-638) 383-1012.

Today is April 9th but we anticipate a good response at our”Adoption Day” which is schedulrd for April 30th in conjunction with the City at the stadium and hopefully many of our babies will be adopted into good homes. We still have many dogs that need medical care:

Daisy – chemotherapy treatment for her cancer

Buddy the Dancer – chemotherapy for his cancer

Buster for his broken leg

and of course Sandy our Malamute. I am taking Sandy to Arizona this week to see an eye specialist regarding his glaucoma and what treatment will be best to alleviate any pain he may have.

Jim Schwebel of Minneapolis, Tucson and Las Conchas is paying for Sandy’s initial visit – thank you Jim. Jim has been very instrumental over the years, and even helped start AACORP many years ago. His law firm in Minneapolis has been given many awards over the years but we have a special recognition for Jim and Mary for their real concern for animals. Jim and Mary stopped by the center last month and took an interest in Sandy and his situation. Jim emailed me a week later and offered to pay for my trip to Arizona and the diagnosis for Sandy to see what can be done. Dogs suffering from glaucoma may also have persistent migraine headaches from the pressure behind the eyes. We want to make sure the Sandy does not suffer and can live without pain. He seems to get along just fine with the other dogs and manages to find his way. I am working with a clicker to train him  to recognize where I am to calm him down. It can get a little exciting with the many dogs at the center.

Summer is just around the corner and we are in need of children’s plastic swimming pools for the dogs at the center.

Other needs are :

Money for the Center expenses which are over $3,000usd per month, medical expenses and supplies. (I do not take a salary – quite the opposite as I use my income to maintain the center.)

Airtight food containers – large size for 40 lb. +.

Dry dog, puppy, cat food – Kirkland brand from Costco

Canned cat and  kitten food ***

Canned dog food

Dry kitten food ***

Cat liter – non-clumping ****

Liter pan liners

Doggy treats

Puppy pads

Cleaning supplies including paper towels, bleach, disinfectant, laundry detergent and Downy softener

Cat and dog beds and toys

Towels and blankets

Flea and Tick spray and collars

Albon and Panacur

To donate a great Kuranda dog bed (pictured) just go to the donate page of our web site and click on the donate Kuranda dog bed link.

A big thank you to all that are helping the animals. It was a long hard winter. We used many space heaters and blankets but made it through without any major health issues this winter.

Please bring all supplies and donations to the center – just follow the map to the right. We do not receive donations that are left in other locations. We are just behind and to the left (north) of the mission which was the old Villa Granada Hotel. A very popular 50’s dance spot years ago !

Please remember that I am only one person and it may take me a few minutes to get to the front gate. I may be on the computer , in the cat house or in the back with Sam and Rosie.  Many times when I get to the gate people are driving off. Of course it is best if I know when you are coming but otherwise please give me time to respond !!!! The best time to visit the center to see the animals is Monday and Thursday afternoon when Antonio is here helping and we are more prepared.

AACORP is a 501 ©3 non profit Corporation and your donations are a tax deduction.


Nancy Phelan – Born in Boston, Nancy settled in Phoenix, Arizona, where she has three daughters and seven grandchildren. Nancy received her Masters degree from Northern Arizona University. Her computer career included Xerox and Control Data. She represented wineries in Europe working out of Libourne, France connecting wineries in Europe to the suppliers in the USA. Ten years ago, when she retired to Puerto Peñasco, she was appalled by the brutal way animals were treated and abused. Nancy started an animal rescue “Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point”. Today she works closely with the city of Puerto Peñasco, conducting spay/neuter clinics and adoptions events.
Spay/Neuter clinics are the number one priority and the only solution to control  over population of dogs and cats. We see a huge improvement in the amount of new babies in the city, thanks to the City of Puerto Peñasco. Monthly clinics are held in various parts of the city, and several times a year larger clinics are held where several hundred surgeries are performed.

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  1. Becky Mellor

    Please email me your address and directions. I will drop off some supplies when I
    am down there in June. I will be there June 8th!

    • Hi Did you find us?? I just found your post. Address is PO Box 1031 , Lukeville, AZ 85341. My email is Send me your email and I can put you on our newsletter list. Thank you for caring for the animals.

  2. nancy landa

    Is it possible for my to mail you some of the items listed above and if so what is the address to ship to? I live here in St Louis and have some friends that work at Ralston Purina and I may be able to send you some coupons for the dog & cat food.

    • I just found your post and yes we do have sites that receive donations. AACORP 8508 W. Bloomfield, Peoria, AZ 85381.
      Thank you

  3. Pamela Lottes

    A happy ending to our losing Lucy in RPoint, she came home on Friday.
    After taking your suggestion of putting flyers & making an annoucement on the radio
    a young wome returned Lucy to us.
    Apparently she found her wandering her on the beach in front of Hotel Penasco de Sol.
    You can only imagine our delight we are one happy family.
    This week we returned to the USA, I just wanted thank you for your help.
    Hope you are feeling better.
    David & Pamela

  4. I am always happy to donate when I travel to Rocky Point and would be delighted to contribute some $$ year round.  Will check out your webpage to see if you have something set-up for donations there.  God bless you, Nancy, and the animals.

    • Nancy_phelan

      Hi I just found your reply to an article in the rptimes. I am working on the web site but I do have paypal that is safe and secure and also a PO box to send donations. AACORP PO Box 1031, Lukeville, AZ 85341. We do need help. I have taken in 4 kittens and 8 pups in the last few days. Hope you can visit next time you are here. Email me at and I will put you on my newsletter list.