Dia de la Marina

Jun 10, 2016 by Rocky Point Times




ESCOLTA ENMTMarine Day – June 1st is a special day which is set aside each year to honor all Mexican sailors. It began in 1941 when President of Mexico, at the time, Avila Camacho, decreed June 1st as a day of celebration. It was on this day, in 1917, that the first boat manned by an all Mexican crew was launched. The Constitution declares that all military sailors must be of Mexican nationality to serve in the armada.

This day is celebrated each year by a ceremony honoring all sailors who have died at sea. The boats and the harbor are decorated with multi-colored flags, and, in the afternoon, a parade runs through the main street and to the port. The days before and after “Dia de la Marina” are filled with fairs and carnivals, it is a very festive time of year.

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