mexican-trip-insurance-signI hope so, because Mexican law requires that you have a Mexican car insurance policy, with a minimum of liability coverage, for your American car. Even if you have insurance in the USA that covers you in Mexico, you still must purchase a Mexican car policy.

Mexican insurance can be purchased many places, including online or at gas stations and other stops north of the border on your way to Mexico, but those companies typically do not have people available locally who can help you out if you get into a fender bender in Mexico. Until a representative from your insurance company appears, you do not have an advocate, and if you caused the accident, your car may be impounded until your adjustor shows up. For this reason, buying your insurance from a local agent is your best bet – if you are involved in an accident, your agent, or some other representative from the company, will come to the scene of the accident if you just give him or her a call. I was recently involved in an accident in Hermosillo, and after calling emergency services, my next call was to Yolanda Silva, who contacted an adjustor, who arrived at the scene of the accident before the police!

The type and quantity of Mexican insurance to buy is another subject altogether. I had comprehensive coverage from Seguros Quálitas that promised replacement value for my car. Though it was old and had many miles on it, my car was in perfect condition. The insurance company offered to repair my car, with repairs that were not guaranteed, or they offered to pay me for my car, the equivalent of around $3,500. We finally agreed that the car would get repaired, and the insurance company would pay me half of the total value, but I pay the repairs. Such a deal. The commercial tractor-trailer that hit me from behind, caused the accident, was insured by AXA Seguros. It seems as if AXA would be responsible for replacing my car. Or that Quálitas would replace my car, then deal with AXA to be reimbursed for the expense. Neither insurance company took care of me. My insurance agent explained that my policy is responsible for my car, and the truck driver’s insurance company is responsible for taking care of any injuries we sustained. Since no-one was injured, the insurance company of the guy that caused the accident had no responsibility! The money I spent on comprehensive insurance was wasted – I could have saved LOTS of money by purchasing liability only policies.

In the future I will be sure to have a USA insurance policy that covers my car in Mexico, and in order to be in compliance with Mexican law, I will have the least expensive liability-only Mexican policy. I will have to be very careful not to cause any accidents. If I am involved in an accident in Mexico, by all means I will depend upon my USA policy to take care of me and my car.