What used to be storage garages of the Sonoran properties has today turned into an interesting collection of marketplaces for those in Sandy Beach. Majestic Marketplace.

Where at? Turn into the street (P. a Las Olas, Playa Arenos) the same street you would turn to go to Banditos, Garufa Steakhouse & Chango’s and you’ll encounter a variety of storage lockers that were created into new businesses.

If you haven’t investigated them, here’s a roundup of what you might discover:

What are you searching for?

Shopping? I suggest the delightful Plaza Fabiola. Perhaps you visited their boutique on Rodeo Drive. If you did, then you know all the cool and unique items they have. The new shop not only has specialty high end clothing from Guadalajara, but upscale furniture, jewelry, and home decor pieces. Beware, beautiful items inside.

Seafood? If you’re hungry for some fish or shrimp, and you’re staying near Sandy Beach, this fish market is quick and close by without having to go to town or Old Port.

Pasta? A brand-new eatery is called (JAPI Pasta ‘makes me japi’’), an interesting to-go concept which is great for the condos, or those looking for a quick meal. Basically, you pick your style of pasta (3 choices), choose your sauce from: mac & cheese, carbonara, pesto, and Alfredo to name a few (9 choices) and then select your protein, you can choose from shrimp, salmon, chicken breast, beef, mushrooms, or broccoli.

Pizza, wings and burgers? How about checking out Smile Burger Storage. They have a variety of pizzas, wings and burgers and they are available for delivery to the immediate area. This is great for those staying close by.

Breakfast anyone? 1940 is an intimate breakfast and lunch spot. Only a few tables, so dine in or order to go. Closed Wednesday. Open daily 7:30-3pm.

There’s also a beauty spa which offers mani/pedi, massages etc., a souvenir shop, pharmacy, and a real estate office.

What a wide range of options for those staying in that area. With the three new eateries, there are now 8 different options to eat. Not to be forgotten are the long-standing restaurant’s, Banditos, Garafu Steakhouse, Chango’s, Sonoran Grill and Ramon’s. I’m eager to see what comes next.

And just to add a bit of history, that high steel skeleton building at the end of the street right beside Banditos, was once supposed to be a complete retail center, full of shops, food, and offices. I always thought it was an excellent idea back then, and I still think it is a magnificent idea. You may have noticed another huge skeleton commercial building for sale on the way to Las Palomas, once beside a favorite hamburger joint called the Bus Stop (a double decker English bus that served fantastic burgers). Sadly, the bus is gone, and thus the delicious hamburgers, but that large 3-story steel frame in the sand, was slated to be another huge retail center. How about a chick-fil-a, yogurt hut or a bagel shop? Awesome ideas back then.

Wouldn’t it be grand to get all the skeletons developed along Sandy Beach, and have more alternatives of places to eat and shop?

As Rocky Point keeps getting busier and busier, more and more services are going to be needed. Maybe as these little places get hectic, more businesses will want to open.

And, if you’re still hungry or looking for something new, one more somewhat new place worth mentioning is the Mongolian Grill Peñasco. Search for it on Google, not Facebook (the owner states Facebook address keeps changing). For those who crave a Mongolian style grill food, here’s your place. Select your size bowl (small or large), pile it high as you want with meat, veggies and pasta, pick your sauces and they will expertly cook it on the huge circular grill for you. You can BYOB, and the owners are friendly and it’s spotless.

Awakening to the smell of breakfast is nice, but awakening to breakfast at the beach is awesome”