Cover0613FUN–FUN–FUN! We had the best weekend over the Cinco de Mayo Holiday. It was our Rocky Point Times Newspaper 34th Bi-Annual El Golfo 4×4 Run, and we had 3 days of fun with old friends, and met lots of new friends, a whole group of them being from the Sportsmen’s Club of Gila Bend and Buckeye. When Sandy posted on our RPTimes Facebook Page that the trip would be the first weekend in May, she got an email from Misty Kantor (Gila Bend Texaco-be sure to stop on your way down to Rocky Point), asking if the ‘Group’ from Gila Bend and Buckeye could join us on the ‘Run’. “Of course, everyone is welcome”, Sandy said. “How many do you think are coming?” Misty told Sandy that she thought there would be about 30! Well that started it; by the time May1st came around we had about 100 signed up for the trip. We had some last minute cancellations, which pared the group down to between 60-70. Let me tell you, that was some big dust trail leaving our ‘Ranchito’ that Friday morning! It was the BEST weekend, the BEST trip of all, with the BEST people, and we can’t wait till the October ‘Run’ (Oct. full moon 18-19-20) to do it all over again.

We held our “Survivors Dinner” at the Lighthouse Restaurant on top of the hill on Sunday. Sandy had planned the dinner with Iva, the owner, and Conchita was our most gracious hostess for the evening, and offered each of us a complimentary margarita to get our party started.. Exactly on time, the buffet table lids were lifted and everyone piled their plated with spaghetti and meat sauce, garlic bread, and fresh green salad. It was an excellent meal for the entire restaurant full of ‘Survivors’.

At the dinner, the Sportsmen’s Club members had a big surprise for Sandy and I: they had collected $500usd for a donation to our Puerto Peñasco Cruz Roja (Red Cross), which we gladly delivered the next day. Crux Roja even made a plaque to thank them, and it is hanging in Gila Bend right now. How cool is that! A BIG THANK YOU to you guys!

Another total surprise was when we were at Alex’s Cantina, and met up with Scott Shannon Benbow. Come to find out, he is the Buckeye Valley Fire District Chief and he had brought down to El Golfo a whole slew of firefighters jackets, and suits which he donated to us for our Puerto Peñasco Bomberos (for our firemen)!! The guys loaded them into Wayne Corcoran (Laguna Shores Resort) who was with our group, hauled them back to Rocky Point and Sandy, Wayne and I went to the Bomberos the next Monday to deliver them. Needless to say, they were very happy! A BIG THANK YOU to Shannon, and the Buckeye Valley Fire District!!

Sandy wants me to remind you of our Rocky Point Times Newspaper Facebook Page. We are so close to 3,300 actual ‘Likes’ on our page that probably when this June issue hits the streets, we will have them. That’s when Sandy will be giving out more FREE ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS. If you would like a subscription of your own, just go to our website and click on the ‘Subscriptions’ button to print out the form. Please check the Facebook Page and LIKE it, if you haven’t already…you will make Sandy very happy. When she comes out of the office with all these stats saying that she ‘talked’ to between 5,000 and 14,000 people each week about Rocky Point, it just blows my mind. I can’t relate to the internet and no computers for me. As a matter of fact, I still draft my Editorial with a pencil and a yellow legal tablet. I know, I know, but you should see my phone!

The weekend after our El Golfo Run, Sandy and I were driving around chasing the racers in the Tequila 125, we then went to check out the race car you can drive on the oval at Rocky Point Speedway (formerly Thunder on the Beach), then went down to the BOOMERFEST DAYS site and saw that a banner had been put up, and some dirt had been moved, but still nothing on their website. As we were doing all this, one of my pointer fingers was getting real ugly, and pounding with pain. I was going to his VA doctor on Monday, anyway, so I was dealing with it by trying to ignore it. Sandy took one look and said, “Look, we’re right here, let’s run in to see what Dr. Gonzalez thinks about this.” About an hour later we left, thanking Dr. G, Issac, and Miriam (Dr. G’s wife) for a very needed surgery procedure, as the finger was highly infected, and was only getting worse. The sandy Beach Medical Center is right there in front of the Sandy Beach Resorts with Emergency Services 24Hours 638 388-7676. I thank you, ad Sandy thanks you!

This month is a good one, RCPM will be here first of the month with a 4 day venue, so be sure to check the articles in this issue, and the events section. Just another DAY IN PARADISE!