With everything that we have going on in our lives today…jobs, family, friends, commitments, finances, schedules, oh yeah work…and all of the fun and hoopla that abounds and beckons us in our oasis by the Sea of Cortez,  it is so important that we make time for ourselves. One of my favorite ways of relaxing is to take an early morning stroll down the beach, right here in Rocky Point.  It is a sure fire stress reliever and a good way to burn off some of the margaritas that make our home special. I like to walk right at the waters edge and feel the salt water waves gently crash into me.

It’s a wonderful place to take in all the sights, smells and sensations that abound along the coast. Salty air, birds squawking, crashing waves, Whale Hill, kid’s laughing, boats buzzing, Mexican music playing in the distance, dolphins jumping, and sea turtles swimming are just some of the sights and sounds that take you away. Your morning stroll is best when you are able to reflect upon the many blessings that have come upon you in your life and how you can best share them with friends and family or even by simply reaching out to a stranger or someone you don’t know well and help them to see a side of life that really shines.

Along the way, remember to watch for the unique seashells and sea glass that you can take back with you to accompany your own personal reflections along the coast. So, please remember to find time for yourself and soak in all that Rocky Point has to offer along the coast, and may your reflections enable you to envision a better tomorrow.