Heeeeeeerrrrrreeee’s Jimmy!!!

Welcome back one and all! Full time residents, part time residents, vacationers, weekend revelers, Mexican nationals, travelers from around the world…Welcome Home! Wow, who knew what a pandemic could do to change our lives from how we live, socialize, dine and in the end how we quarantine! Well, I for one say it is so good to be back and out and about. Being a social guy, I felt a tad trapped and cooped up and really missed hanging out with so many of my family and friends. I look forward to seeing each of you of course, here in Rocky Point! And speaking of friends, this month’s article focuses on my long-time buddy, Jim Wiesenberg who many of you know from Peñasco. He’s been a part time resident for 15 years and is well-known around town on the links, dining out, socializing with friends having a bevy at one of our watering holes or walking his dogs on the beach. So, in honor of catching up with old friends, here’s my recent interview with my buddy Jimmy…of course over a bevy!

Marco: So, Jimmy how long have you been coming down to Rocky Point?

Jimmy: Since 1998 and finally, we pulled the trigger about 15 years ago and purchased a condo at Bella Sirena on Sandy Beach.

Marco: Yes, I think I have seen you moseying around the resort. Ha! Let’s go back to where you grew up and college days and how you ended up out west.

Jimmy: Well, I grew up in New York, the middle child of three. I went to NYU and later received my MBA from Harvard. My first go around in the business world was not too successful. But then I met David Garth who became a great mentor, advisor and friend. I really thank him for putting me on a great path and teaching me how to truly focus.

Marco: Well, perseverance pays off, eh Jimmy? What was your favorite memory of college?

Jimmy: Well, I was good at tennis and became a tennis champion there. Yes, perseverance pays off for sure. My second go around in business was much better and I met my late wife Susan in 1987 in New York. She had a daughter Danielle who wanted to move to Arizona…so we packed our bags and moved to Desert Highlands in Scottsdale in July of 1999.

Marco: That’s a beautiful area…good move Jim!

Jimmy: Around 2004, I traveled down to Rocky Point and met some new buddies Scotty (Pea) Poturalksi and Mike Ronco for a game of golf. We were fast friends and soon neighbors after the completion of Bella Sirena.

Marco: So, are you retired today…I see you plucking away at your computer often, so I don’t think so!

Jimmy: I am still active and not retired. I trade and do business daily and am very active on the tennis courts. I share my life with Shelly Harding today as I have for the past 6 years.

Marco: Ah, Shelly…wonderful gal! So, Jimmy you have 5 fingers…name your 5 best friends…

Jimmy: Marco…

Marco: Ah the beauty of asking the questions…?

Jimmy:  Gary Stein, Rob Gordan, Neil McCarthy and, of course Shelly Harding.

Marco: Nice! Tell me about the other languages I hear you speak?

Jimmy: (laughing) Oh, you must be talking about Jimblish and Weisenspeach! I tend to talk from a different angle so an old boss named my “languages” these terms as he would often translate for me. I always had a good message there albeit a bit cryptic, but my good friends learned to read me and knew how to decipher me.

Marco: What else would you like our readers to know about you?

Jimmy: Well I went to Woodstock in ’69 at the age of 16! What an amazing experience that was!

Marco: Wow, what a year! On a scale of one to ten, fabulous! I bet that was just sensational!

Jimmy: I would also like them to know I am a good man with a lot of causes that I support like Honor Health, Planned Parenthood and the Arizona State Legislation.

Marco: Ah, the best. I am a huge fan of giving back….you are only here one time! What are your favorite places to go out in Rocky Point?

Jimmy: Gus’s for Tacos, Sonoran Grill, Wrecked at the Reef and Manny’s Beach Club.

Marco: Um, I am pretty sure I have darkened their doors as well. Great choices! Lastly, name your 3 favorite places you have traveled in the world!

Jimmy: Well, of course Rocky Point, I just love it here! I would also say a cruise we took on the Danube River from Budapest to Prague and lastly a fabulous vacation on the Baltic Sea.

Marco: Wow, you have lived an incredible life with so much more to come. I am truly glad to call you AMIGO!

Well, I hope your summer starts off with some fun here in Rocky Point! We can all use a few laughs after the start of this year and if you are looking for some laughs, be sure to keep an eye out for Jimmy roaming around town…maybe you can learn some Jimblish too! Here’s to an awesome summer!!!!