Everyone involved with the Mermaid’s Market was disappointed when they had to cancel their last two events of the season due to health concerns regarding Covid-19. Those events would have been on March 21st and April 4th when they usually have their huge season finale, the Pirate and Mermaid Extravaganza.

For many, this city-wide lockdown also meant closing storefront shops for months. Others, who normally walk the beach as vendors, were barred from all of the beaches. Much of Spring Break – and then the Semana Santa holiday were also closed to all visitors/tourists. As small business owners and artists, many of these people traditionally have depended on these springtime events for a huge portion of their income!

At a time when people are trying to adapt to this ever-changing world, many have been forced to recreate or reimagine their business models – same goes for Mermaid’s Market. Mermaid’s Market has also adapted and created a new way for you to shop and stay in touch with your favorite vendors and local artists…Introducing…Mermaid’s Market SHOP and Artist Directory.

For these summer months, Mermaid’s Market Shop will provide you a way to stay connected (or re-connect) with your favorite individual artists and vendors. If you are coming to town anytime, please reach out! Contact the Mermaid’s Market artists, crafters and artisans… they are all waiting for you!

Check out the Shop on Facebook: Mermaid’s Market “Shop” Tab. They have also added an Artist Directory Page on the Mermaid’s Market website: www.mermaidsmarket.com

And, can’t wait to see you all again next season at the Mermaid’s Market!