Feliz Junio Rocky Point…..I sincerely hope your summer is going well. The beaches and rentals sure are filling up. It seems if you want your choice of properties and dates for a rental, you need to start planning further and further in advance, which I would recommend if you are renting, book your next stay before you leave. This way, you will already have it planned. As always, I would recommend staying an extra day or two and do not try and return on a Sunday or a Monday following a holiday. Trust a wounded traveler trying to make it home on Sunday with a long wait at the border and not feeling the best from a bit too much fun in town…… an extra day or two of rest comes in handy for the journey home. And speaking of long journeys home, I am heading to the Greek Isles in June for a getaway. I will keep you abreast of my excursion and fun times in next month’s article……should be WAY FUN. And fun times are sure to be had with our next Rocky Point guest interview with Jim Wiesenberg. I sat down with Jimmy recently in Rocky Point so our readers can get to know a long time resident and friend better!

Marco: So, Jim, tell our readers where you are from and a little about your upbringing.

Jim: I was born in Manhattan, New York and raised in Westchester County, New York. I graduated from NYU and got a job in Cable Television. I met my then wife, Susan and we lived in New York from 1987-1999 before relocating to North Scottsdale.

Marco: Ahhhh, Susan. I can still hear her hearty laugh and what a sense of humor. She was definitely one of my all-time favorites!

Jim: Yes, that was Susan! Everyone loved her.

Marco: When did you first come to Rocky Point and what did you think of it?

Jim: I first came down in June of 2004 to see about possibly purchasing something and Scotty Poturalski and Mike Ronco took me out for 9 holes of golf on the then Laguna Del Mar golf course. I really felt I would love it in Rocky Point, and I did and put a down payment on a 2-bedroom condo at Bella Sirena. The golf course has since been rebranded as Islas Del Mar and has condos and homes sales occurring around the course but I have not heard anything yet on the next 9 holes.

Marco: Yes, what a scenic course. Lots of memories over the years…… untying the clubs from the carts, turning the power off on the carts, having the waitress run out of drinks on the beverage cart, golf tournaments……….some really fun memories! About how many days do you stay in Rocky Point per year?

Jim: Anywhere from 69-99 nights per year. I have since relocated to Encantame Towers and love it there.

Marco: Who are some of your best friends around town?

Jim: Scott P, Mary Sanchez, Marco and Maryanne to name a few.

Marco: Awwww, you didn’t have to include me because I was going to end the interview, Jimmy. How nice……… love you, too brother. What are some of your favorite foods around town?

Jim: I like the Seafood Azteca at Capone’s, The Tented Fish at Leo’s Bar, the Salmon and Tuna at Santo Coyote and the Cowboy Chili at Way’s to name a few.

Marco: Indeed, I have tried several of those. YUM! Any other local business peeps you would like to give a shout out to?

Jim: Yes for sure…….Mary’s ATV/RZR’s who is located the first stand up from Calle 13 at 14th Street and Melissa Cristina., Farmacia San Martin on the corner of Revolucion and Sinaloa which sometimes scores Cohiba Esplendidos for me and the Rocky Pet Hotel for pedicures and shaves they give to my dogs Zinhi and Hemingway.

Marco: What has been your most memorable day in Rocky Point?

Jim: The catamaran celebration of life for my late wife Susan in mid-April in 2014 where my friends from Bella Sirena and I spread her ashes. I remember meeting you and how much you and Susan had a special bond and always making time for each other. You and I have carried the tradition alive at Mastro’s in Scottsdale and the Vig as well as many other restaurants around Scottsdale and Rocky Point. My current partner Shelly Harding (born in the great year of 1969 which is memorable to me as it is the year I went to Woodstock at age 16) is a very gifted tennis player and often stays behind in Arizona to play.

Marco:  Aww, Jimmy you always have fine taste in your loves! What else makes Rocky Point special to you?

Jim: The music scene and festivals like Circus Mexicus keep bringing me back. I recently sold my junior penthouse at Bella Sirena, and I often joked I could put a zip line down to see Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, the Black Moods and many others. I have since moved to Encantame Towers to the 15th floor on Christmas Eve of 2021. It’s really a special place for exquisite romps on the beach with my dogs Zinhi and Hemingway, an amazing view of Bird Island and beyond and sumptuous suppers at Santo Coyote. We have more amenities to come including bowling, golf simulator, pickleball and a second restaurant along the way. I also love the 45 holes of golf between Islas Del Mar, Las Palomas and Vidanta Mayan Palace where I regularly play with Scott P of Encántame Resorts, Mike Ronco of Baja Hotel and Maryann Arminio of JMP Realty. I also like to support our local charities through my Wiesenberg Donor Advised Funds including Barb’s Dog Rescue, Educarte and The Mexican Children’s Foundation.

Marco: Love it Jim, you gotta give back in life……..it always come back to you in so many positive ways! Thank you so much for all of your information……you truly live a full, blessed life!

Salud to a fabulous June to all of our readers. Always remember to take some time for yourself and relax, sleep in and chill out. Often, we don’t even know how much we need our down time until it happens, and we are, WOW that was the best sleep, like ever! So, let’s enjoy our summer of 2023 because it is upon us now and after all, the best things always happen in flip-flops!