Feliz Noviembre Rocky Point……..ahhh, the holiday season is upon us. Halloween is over and our grateful time of the year is here……..THANKSGIVING! Hopefully, we all make it part of our agenda to remember a few simple phrases that go so far….Thank you, I appreciate you, you look extra special today, I am grateful for you, what an awesome day, I couldn’t have done it without you, you mean the world to me! If we all use one of these phrases a day, we can make a change and a difference. Let’s try and make it a point to use these daily and watch the recipient light up with a smile. You never know how one small gesture or comment will change someone’s day, month or year!

Our highlight on Angela Koontz this month could not come at a more perfect time of the year. Angela really grasps the meaning of gratefulness and giving back and is a good example for us all………..

Marco~ When did you first start coming to Rocky Point?

Angela~ I grew up in central Phoenix and my first trip down with my mom was at 13 years old to celebrate my brother’s birthday. Later, I met my husband Brian in high school, and we started coming down as young adults in the 80’s. We had so much fun bar hopping around to Manny’s, JJ’s Cantina, Pink Cadillac and Margaritaville. My Uncle Steve owns a home in Playa Encanto on the beach and my entire family would come down to celebrate Thanksgiving each year and Playa Encanto became our home beach. Brian and I talked over the next 10 years about how wonderful it would be to one day own a place in Rocky Point one day. We spent the decade coming down to my uncle’s home, renting with friends at Paradise Villas and even bought a pop-up trailer to come down more often. We had some great times staying at Playa de Oro RV Park, where my sister and family have their 5th wheel and we loved staying at Playa Bonita RV Park. Then in the spring of 2019, we came down and noticed they were starting to develop a condo complex. The very next day we went into town and toured the model at Encántame Towers and decided this was it!

Marco~ That’s awesome, the family memories! Why did you end up choosing there?

Angela~ Oh, the location for sure! We are extremely happy with our decision and love to spend as much time on the beach as we can. We love our morning walks on the beach especially at low tide and searching for sand dollars and other beach gems. We also chose the resort environment for our kids, Kyle and Kyndall as we all love the lazy river and the water slides and other pool fun. We have had zero regrets!

Marco~ Tell me what are some of the fun things your family likes to do in Rocky Point and some of your favorite restaurants and bars?

Angela~ My kids love Thrifty Ice Cream…..we have so many fond memories going to Thrifty over the years. We have also recently taken up golf and have enjoyed fumbling our way through the courses around town. I think the first time we played we lost about 20 balls! A recent favorite was taking a sunset cruise with our Encantame neighbors. Del Mar Charters and Captain Oscar are amazing as well as the large group of dolphins that joined along in the festivities. We also love going to Bird Island. It was about 20 years from our first and second trip to the island and most recently we took EcoFun’s Sol Chaser along with our kids and friends to swim with the sea lions. It was just as fun as we remembered from many years previously. I remember my first glass of wine at Costa Brava and still drink my wine slightly chilled. We all love to ride quads and razors around the dunes around town. We have enjoyed staying at many places throughout town and each of the beaches has their own unique places and things to do. We have stayed all over town at campgrounds, townhouses and hotels but never in a condo, so we took a dive into a whole new world and love it!

Marco~ Wow, that’s funny. Thrifty was always a staple for my kids growing up as well. My daughter Via is now 21 and still loves Thrifty! I also love our sunset cruises!

Angela~ We eat in quite a lot and buy the local seafood and prepare it at the resort. We do like to try a new restaurant or two each time we come down to have new experiences and memories. We love Pane e Vino and various taco stands around town.

Marco~ Oh, I just celebrated my birthday at Pane e Vino and the food, staff and scenery were just fabulous! Thank you, friends, for treating me! Are you involved in any way of helping out in our community?

Angela~ My family actively helps out with First Educarte, a local organization that assists local families to attain their goal of continuing education for their children through scholarships as well as filling the gaps with after school programs and We also assist with clothing and toy drives and monetary donations for a few local Christmas organizations. My daughter’s school in Arizona also has developed a pen pal program with our Rocky Point schools to help the children learn English better. We also have donated beach vacations to local charity auctions. One was Ruben Cordova’s auction to raise money for breast cancer screenings and treatment in Peñasco.

Marco~ What are your favorite times to come to Rocky Point?

Angela~ THANKSGIVING! All the memories of us coming as a family with my aunts and uncles and grandparents were fantastic! Plus, the water is still warm in the sea, and you can even toss a sweater on and enjoy the beach if it is a bit breezy. Spring is also lovely, but I also have grown to love the winter here. I also have seen some of the most breathtaking sunrises from our patio during the Christmas season.

Marco~ They are truly amazing, right? Always one of my faves is just lying in bed watching the sea shine and the sunlight bounce off the water. So relaxing! What other things do you and your family do when you are not in Rocky Point?

Angela~ We are always trying to get the word out about Encántame Towers and Playa Encanto and what a special place it is. We often introduce others to this side of Rocky Point for some fabulous beach vacations.

Marco~ Where do you see Rocky Point in 10 years?

Angela~ There is a definitely a buzz. I see growth all around town and the rounding off of some of the sharp edges. I would like to see growth that is good for everyone. We love to see renters come down and stay in our unit and later realize they have now become owners!

Marco~ So cool, like you played a part in their future memories! Have you met many new friends since buying in Rocky Point?

Angela~ Yes for sure, we have met a lot of new friends, and we love getting to know our neighbors better and getting together with them for coffee. We have a wonderful community vibe through our social media pages as well as messaging each other.

Marco~ Thank you so much for your help in Rocky Point and for sharing all of your wonderful memories and stories!

So, cheers to everyone for a very special Thanksgiving! Please remember to give thanks to everyone in your life……..the smallest gestures sometimes go the longest way!