How About Winning the Rocky Point Times Photo Contest!

Happy Holidays Rocky Point…woo hoo…our holiday season is here and upon us! Such a great time of the year to count our blessings and be grateful for what we have. So many of us can look back on 2020 and be stunned at what transpired. The start of the year was so promising for so many of us…and then a worldwide pandemic broke out. Wow, masks, hospitalizations, breathing machines, sanitizer, bleach and even toilet paper has a whole new meaning after 2020! With hope, promise and an end to the pandemic…I for one am so looking forward to 2021.

A special shout out to all our veterans both north and south of the border that have served our countries. If you were in town for Veteran’s Day (America) in mid-November…WOW, you would have seen the amount of people in town for bike week! It was truly a much-needed success week again for our business owners in Rocky Point. I think my buddies and I did a pretty good job supporting our local businesses, I mean restaurants…ok, ok a few bars too ?! We got to pop in and see Hey Hey Hey Zeus (Jesus) at Banditos. Jesus has been my buddy for over a decade and he’s always a blast at Banditos but make sure you tell him Marco sent you and let out a big…HEY HEY HEY ZEUS…then he will really know! We also made it over to Capones for some of the best food in Mexico or America. Be sure to ask for Humberto and the myriad of sing along songs you get to sing with him at the bar. We even taught him several and I hope he keeps them buzzing along. We also got to see an old buddy at Boo Bar…JOSE! Jose thought I must have been there just to use the bathroom as it has been awhile and it was bike week…but no way Jose, I was there to see you, mi amigos and the BOO BAR! We also landed at one of my faves for sure, Manny’s Beach Club. The weather was fabulous by the pool and Los Panchos, the band was equally awesome. Shout out to Georgie for his super service and fun attitude…we love you buddy! Oh, and by the way Georgie, nice neck tattoo…?! Last but not least, we made it over to Tekila Bar for Saturday’s bike parade. As always, Tekila Bar delivers and it was super fun catching up with all of our friends. Muchas gracias Jonathan for your great service!

So, in honor of the holidays and a season of giving, we have 3 SPECIAL GUEST STARS who have volunteered the prizes for this year’s one and only Rocky Point Times Photo Contest!!! Special thank you’s go out to MANNY’S BEACH CLUB, ENCANTAME TOWERS AND TEKILA BAR for putting together some really cool prizes for the winners of this year’s contest. We all truly appreciate your generosity and if you haven’t been to Manny’s or Tequila Bar lately, please pop in and check them out…and if you haven’t been to the models at Encantame Towers, please pop in and see them on Sandy Beach at the roundabout. Ok so how about some rules…

  1. There will be 3 Winners, 3rd prize, 2nd Prize and our Grand Prize Winner
  2. Photos need to be from Rocky Point
  3. Photos should show your gratitude…after all this is 2020!
  4. Photos must be emailed by December 21, 2020 to or
  5. Please include your full name, where you live, what you think about the photo and a good cell # to contact you with the news…that you are this year’s 2020 ROCKY POINT TIMES PHOTO CONTEST WINNER!!!
  6. If you do not have a photo to enter, get snapping and get to know Rocky Point!

So, here’s to our next winners…This is the 10th year of the contest and the prizes promise to be really cool this year to mark the anniversary of the contest!

Happy Holidays everyone and always remember, being on the Nice list at Christmas gets you more presents, but being Naughty has its own reward ?!!