CANACOServytur-logoNew Leadership, New Vision, sparks a brighter future for local businesses & community.

By Kit Anderson, Owner Peñasco Beauty Center & Peñasco Fitness Center

Armed with a new bilingual staff and a bold vision, recently appointed President, Antonio Mendívil, also bilingual, has big plans to transform our local Chamber of Commerce from an urban legend (for some) into a recognized, respected, collaborative and influential member-driven business association for English & Spanish speaking members of the Rocky Point community.

Like most Chambers Stateside, CANACO is membership driven, non-profit resource with three strategic objectives:

1) Grow Your Business – This is accomplished by offering networking programs, events, professional development, human resource services, and affordable marketing opportunities that support members in growing and cultivating their business.

2) Save You Money – As a member of CANACO you will have access to new business to business partnerships and offers while also having the chance to offer member discounts of your own.

3) Influence Government – Our elected officials make decisions daily that affect our businesses. As business owners we are often the last to hear about it. Antonio and his team work diligently with local lawmakers to ensure the voice of business is heard and in-turn educate and assist us with any new policies we need to implement to stay in compliance with new laws.

Big Expectations and Big Challenges…

“Rocky Point is a small town with big expectations and one big challenge,” says Antonio. “Unlike chambers in other countries, here in Rocky Point we have two distinctly different communities.” History has proven that when we try to improve interaction among these business communities, we experience language and cultural barriers.” “The most important goal during my first term as President of CANACO is to merge these two communities so they can both benefit from each other’s knowledge & experience and help each other to capture more dollars/pesos from the tourists and residents we know we have here.”

While this idea may seem simple, it’s not something that’s ever been done before. Undeterred, Antonio’s plan is not only to grow membership but to significantly improve membership participation. He believes this can be accomplished with English speaking meetings, membership drives that are attractive to both communities, quarterly networking mixers and other programs and events where both communities have the opportunity to get to know each other. Antonio plans to have his bilingual staff readily available to translate and help overcome the language barrier, when needed.

One successful program Antonio and his staff recently implemented is called “Vamos por los Botes” (Let’s go for the cans!) What’s so great about this program is that it not only helps businesses, it also helps the community!  Aluminum, plastic, and cardboard are collected “free of charge” from membership businesses and trucked to our nearby recycling plant (membership owned) once a month.  The profits from these recyclables will be used to purchase new “recycle only” cans which CANACO plans to place in public parks, beaches and public thoroughfares.

In July began, “Si en Peñasco Compramos, Todos Ganamos” (If we all buy in Peñasco, We all win) A unique CANACO fundraising event, that unlike previous attempts at fundraising, gives businesses a way to boost their business by providing raffle tickets, not for themselves, but for their customers. This is especially important during the slow season when business owners are desperate to attract local clients. Customers have the opportunity to win prizes such as Plasma TVs and appliances of all sorts. All prizes are being supplied by local businesses (not Sam’s Club or Bodega). Hence the title “If We All Buy in Peñasco, We All Win.” Making this event even more attractive is the free advertising opportunities associated with it. Radio, Facebook, and CANACO email blasts are promoting all participating businesses. A remote radio team will broadcast from 3 different business locations on October 11th, 18th & 25th as the winner’s tickets are drawn. So far over 50 membership businesses are participating. If you would like more informatio, and/or to participate call the CANACO office (011-52-638) 383-4468.

Mark Your Calendars!

True to his word, Antonio and the CANACO staff will be hosting their first bilingual “Let’s Get Acquainted” Mixer on Thursday, September 19th. You need not be a CANACO member to attend. This is a great opportunity for local business owners to co-mingle with current members and prospective members and get to know their neighbors. Haven’t you often wondered who owns this business or that? And why are they doing so well and I’m not? Or, I wonder who I can talk to about my new promotion or event? Now you can find out! This is an incredible opportunity that should not be missed! If you would like to attend and/or would like to be added to the email list for details on this event, email Please check the CANACO Facebook page often for more information regarding time and location on this event and others.


Becoming a CANACO member is easy and very inexpensive! Cost is approximately $125 per year. Just clip this form, fill it out and drop it at the CANACO office. Or you can email it to: along with copy of your TAX ID information (R.F.C.). Membership forms will soon be available online at


Commercial Name:___________________________________________________________

Tax Payer´s Name:____________________________________________________________

R.F.C. (Mexican TAX ID):_________________________E-mail:________________________

Fiscal Address:______________________________________________________________

Phone Number______________________

Line Of Business:_____________________________________________________________

Number of Employees:_________________________________________________________

CANACO’S Member Reference/ Others:________________________________________

Volunteers Needed

We need bilingual volunteers to help with media relations. Are you bilingual, have some media relations experience, familiar with Facebook, Web and Email promotions? Please contact Gustavo Turati at

Contact CANACO


Blvd. Fremont & Coahuila. Col. Benito Juarez.

Across from Municipal Hall, behind Bancomer Bank. (dirt road behind Shrimp Park)

Phone: (011-52-638) 383-4468

Office Hours: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM (Monday – Friday)

On A Personal Note

Operating a business in Rocky Point, in my case two, is both a privilege and a pleasure for me. But like me, I’m sure you could use a little help now and again. I believe an alliance with CANACO will take us one giant step closer to realizing the success we have always dreamed of in this charming little seaside community we call home…Kit