Emblazoned on T-shirts, bumper stickers, and posters since the early 80s, the No Sniveling saying is the perfect thought if you are visiting Puerto Peñasco in September. Normally, I am singing the praises of our funky little beach town. But if you visit in September, you are in for some heat, humidity, and a probable trip to your dermatologist for a rash you have never seen before. Normally I would be talking in glowing terms of our slice of paradise, but the extreme heat, humidity, and insects in September are going to make your trip far from Instagram perfect. If you come in September, adjust your attitude…and No Sniveling.

Yes, I am planning a September fly fishing trip to Puerto Peñasco, but I am expecting some difficulties. I will do my fishing trips early in the day, I’ll be in the water, and I’ll have plenty of water to keep hydrated. If you are planning to fish, I would recommend having bug spray handy. The usual hat, sunblock, sunglasses, and quick dry clothing will help you to stay more comfortable. While planning I would recommend you plan your October and November trips to Puerto Peñasco. Those are my favorite months for visiting. Weather, water, and fishing are all good in October and November.

While the heat and humidity are bad, the fly fishing is quite good! The warm water has the fish hungry. I’ll probably toss some bigger flies and expect some larger fish. I normally fish one of my trusty 8 weight rods with a #4 Clouser attached. I’ll probably experiment with the 10 weight and throw some 2/0 Clousers, and maybe some 5/0 articulated Musky flies, just for fun. Even with all of warnings I have given you, I hope to see you on the water fishing Peñasco in September.

Vince Deadmond the Retired Fly-Fishing Hardware Guy can be reached at vincehasgonefishing@outlook.com or 480 818 1796.