Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers delivered another fun winter weekend with the seventh January Jam at JJ’s Cantina. The January Jam started in 2008 after the recording of Turbo 8. In this audio and video session the members of the band stayed in a beautiful home in Cholla Bay for eight consecutive days to create, record, and broadcast a song a day to thousands of fans. The final album, released two months later, included the 8 songs and 3 more fan favorites. After this release, the idea of making a smaller more intimate concert at JJ’s Cantina, which had been talked about for years, finally came to a reality and has since become a yearly tradition for the band, the fans and the community of Cholla Bay.

This year the gathering started Friday at the Hut (formerly Changos) with Jim Dalton and the lawbreakers plus RCPM. It was a fun night with many cover songs including a fun spin of: Lupe, Tear me down, Pumped up Kicks, Listen to the Music and many 70’s and 80’s songs. This event gathered over 400 people for a new record on the pre-Jam event.

The following morning 72 golfers made their way to the links golf course at Las Palomas for the “Mexican Moonshine Classic”. With fabulous weather, lucky golfers interacted with band members enjoying the beautiful views and warm weather. There were many prizes such as tickets to RCPM Circus Mexicus Concert and also to the Coyotes game.  The tournament also had shots for charity, of course shots were made with Roger Clyne’s Mexican Moonshine Tequila!

Saturday was the main event at JJ’s in Cholla Bay and the concert was a sellout and Fans flocked JJ’s: an estimated 1000 people attended, some inside JJ’s, some at the beach around JJ’s. Everyone enjoying the music and the particularly awesome weather for a winter night. While a good part of the US has been plagued by bad weather and below record temperatures we have been blessed with warm weather all winter long. The concert weekend being no exception: a light ocean breeze set the stage for beautiful stargazing at the edge of the ocean and was also the perfect setting for all the favorite RCPM songs, making it an even more enjoyable event. Everyone was happy and having a good time.

In the middle of the concert a glitch in the computer software turned off the stage lighting and hundreds of cell phones from the audience came to the rescue to light up the stage until the computer was restored and stage lights were on again. Kudos for the fans who are always so supportive of the band!

We were also glad to hear a few more fun covers and also a big hit with the fans was Jason Boots singing a cover song from the Beastie Boys. There were no issues, no conflicts and everyone had a safe fun night.

Thank you to everyone who made this weekend a success by organizing it, attending it and supporting it. The local people always look forward to this wonderful events and welcoming all of RCPM fans to Rocky Point.

Mark your calendars for the first week in June for the biggest concert of the year: Circus Mexicus!