Feliz Febrero Rocky Point! I sincerely hope your New Year’s and January was extra special and you have some great plans for this year. And plans, wow what plans I had over the holidays……….. next to nothing except hanging out with my family and friends and chillaxing…..which is the best of times and I always look forward to New Year’s week because it is just time to regroup, reinvent and RELAX!

I did have some very fun times though…… several of us in Encantame Towers planned a condo crawl where we visited a different condo each hour for a new selection of drinks, food and song. Somehow Tomas got lost I think…….or maybe it was me….ha! But I do remember the Master of Disaster struck again……..please no more glass for me Cathy Pea………anyway it was very fun times and thank you to everyone for the good vibes and New Year’s spirit! And speaking of Cathy Pea, I think I spotted Scotty Pea with a flashy new Raiders jacket 😊!!!

As we begin the month of love, take it from Don Juan (just joshing) I put together a list of some things we can do with our loved ones. This doesn’t necessarily have to be your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend, it simply can be your best of friends to show them what they mean to you. It’s a new year…..let’s all spread some good cheer!

~ Chill out! Take a long walk on the beach with your buddy, spouse or mate and connect again. The fresh air will do you both wonders. Take it all in…..the Sea of Cortez is one of a kind!

~ Make a playlist for them that are songs that remind you of them. This is easy and cheap! It really shows that you care and would have awesome memories for both of you.

~ Volunteer for something together-Lord knows we have plenty of need in town and giving back always feels good for everyone. You will most likely meet new friends and have some lasting memories….priceless!

~ Take an online mixology class! Take it from an ex-bartender, you never know when these skills will help you in the future. You can be the hit at any future party you go to…..just ask Powers………he just dumps the bottle in one drink, ha!

~ Go stargazing! We are blessed with beautiful nights to see such amazing skies. Take a stroll with your mate and check it out!

~ Plan a wine and chocolate tasting event with your loved one. Another fairly inexpensive treat. You can try some blind taste tests to see which one they like the best, you never know what you shall discover.

~ Call in sick…….oh, my aching back……and hang out together. Make a day of it and try and do several items on the list. Life is short, go for it and have fun!

~ Send your partner on a treasure hunt. This can be really fun and creative, and it will show that you truly care. You can even have little presents along the way as they find their treasures!

~ Make a bucket list of things you want to do together in 2023. You never know unless you ask and then you will know how to keep them happy 😊. My list is always filled with travel plans but put together whatever suits you both.

Whatever you decide to do, keep the joy in it and show your appreciation of love in unique ways. As Barbara De Angelis said, you never lose by loving. You lose by holding back!

Enjoy yourself, Rocky Point!