We have been rescuing animals in Rocky Point now for 16 years. It has been a road well-traveled. You can read our story on our web page www.rpaac.org.

Many dogs are lost during the summer months/ Fireworks scare them and, if they are not on a leash, the dog will run. Every year we get calls regarding lost pets. A few are found but most are not. Please keep your dog on a leash at all times and have a happy Fourth of July.
The city and many groups have been conducting spay/neuter clinics at no charge for many years now and it has made a drastic improvement in the number of stray animals in the city. Thank goodness we have several new rescue groups that have popped up in the last few years and this will relieve some of the problem. I am on overload and caring for over 80 animals. Another problem is that the dog and cat food is not coming across the border as it had been for years. We alone are spending over $1200 on pet food. Thank goodness we can purchase Kirkland dog, cat and puppy food made in the US here in Rocky Point. Kirkland dog, puppy and cat food can be purchased at Weltons. Weltons is across the street from Sams club at the light. Look to the right and you will see Weltons. They do close at 3:45.
The dogs are easier to adopt than the many cats and kittens that I take in. We are looking for some property in Northern Arizona so we can have a cat sanctuary. If you have any ideas or a solution please give me a call. Nancy 383-1012 or (602) 412-3932. Please leave a message if I am unable to answer right away. I get as many as 50 phone calls a day and try to screen the ones I can so without a message I cannot return your call.
We have many kittens for adoption. Chochoy also has kittens for adoption. Please call me for an appointment to see the kittens. We have solid white, black, black and white, tiger, calico, and a Siamese.
Dry (Purina kitten food in the yellow bag), canned kitten food, paper towels and any cleaning supplies including disinfectant. A big thank you to all that help us continue this work with the animals of Rocky Point.
If you need our EIN number for your tax return please give us a call or email Nancy to request this information for the IRS.
We are located on Leon de la Barra (AKA Calle 15) which is one block south of Lucas Chicken Palapa restaurant and three blocks east of Juarez. We are on the left corner of Leon de la Barra and Cuautehmoc. I am here 24/7 but may not be outside at all times so it is best to call and let me know when you are coming. Ring the bell or honk and the dogs will let me know that you are here. Dog days of summer are upon us to I do my heaviest outside work early or late in the day. I am here 12 months out of the year!!
Please bring donations to the center, Call for drop off sites in Arizona. Your donations are a tax deduction as we are a 501©3 US nonprofit Corporation.