The Misadventures of Rob and B...

Nov 2, 2020 by Rob Baylor

This is a story of a little trip from Rocky Point Mexico to Grand Rapids, MI. It started July 9th when I drove pulling my 28 ft....

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And away we go

Jul 16, 2020 by Rob Baylor

I have been watching for all the information I can get on “The Virus” and talk about confusing. I am writing this May 27th so I hope...

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Corona Captive

Jun 1, 2020 by Rob Baylor

Help! I have been kidnapped and am being held captive in Puerto Peñasco! No ransom note, or call, so how can I get loose? I must...

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Double, Double Down

May 1, 2020 by Rob Baylor

I have a few questions I need answered. Being ordered to stay home I have had a lot of time to think. I think that these are viable....

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Apr 1, 2020 by Rob Baylor

Sometimes I can’t sleep and I conger up a story and write it, but last night I did a real good one and I ran into some complications....

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New Cantina in Town

Jan 30, 2020 by Rob Baylor

Holy Moly, Rob is going off the deep end! Sometimes I wonder. In the 50 some articles I have written for the Times I finally got it...

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