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And away we go

I have been watching for all the information I can get on “The Virus” and talk about confusing. I am writing this May 27th so I hope this enemy has been whipped so bad it is history by the time you read this. Sent back to the...

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Corona Captive

Help! I have been kidnapped and am being held captive in Puerto Peñasco! No ransom note, or call, so how can I get loose? I must think of an escape plan. Impossible you say? Then what do I do to maintain my sanity? I’ve picked...

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Double, Double Down

I have a few questions I need answered. Being ordered to stay home I have had a lot of time to think. I think that these are viable. Maybe someone smarter than Yogi Bear will know the answers. I have been receiving email notices...

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Sometimes I can’t sleep and I conger up a story and write it, but last night I did a real good one and I ran into some complications. I happened to look up and out the window by my chair and saw a BIG fire on a hill about two...

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My Theory of Relativity

Three AM and I am lying in bed awake, and I start thinking about different stuff and realize that I thinking like a train. Everything is in line, one thing after another and the caboose is not in sight. It seems everything is...

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There Comes a Time

It’s that time of year again. The temperature is starting to go up, the snow birds are leaving and the permanent residents hunker down and get ready for summer. I can start to see the other end of the RV Park. Now comes the time...

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The Great Escape

Puerto Peñasco can be a brutal place, weather wise sometimes. From October 1st through May it is perfect. June starts to get a little warm. Then the humidity starts to set in, after all we are by the Sea of Cortez. The ocean...

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Here Comes Summer

May Day, May Day. I’m not in trouble yet just saying May is here and we see an exodus of the Snowbirds. It is starting to get nice and warm, Breezy but warm. The Sea water seems to be colder but that is because of the ambient...

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